Companies and foundations

By becoming a patron of the Centre des monuments nationaux, you can promote your company's values and benefit from tax deductions and personalized benefits.


France's heritage is an unrivalled asset.
It is an irreplaceable source of wealth inherited from past ages, an inexhaustible source of wonder, a privileged instrument of education, a place for social sharing, a lasting source of jobs that cannot be relocated, an element of intellectual and cultural influence...

6 reasons to become a patron

1. Every donation counts

Any company, whatever its size and resources, can become a sponsor. You can make a financial donation, or prefer a donation in kind or skills.

2. Substantial tax breaks

Your company can benefit from a tax reduction of 60% of the amount of its donation (or of the value of its donation), up to a limit of 0.5% of sales.

3. Enhance your image

Choose a project that reflects your values: cultural dynamism, mediation, solidarity, transmission to future generations...

4. Benefit from exclusive advantages

Your company benefits from tailor-made advantages, to be shared with your employees or customers: exclusive invitations, private visits, use of space...

5. Unite your teams

Involve your employees in your commitment and reinforce their pride in belonging.

6. Enhance local appeal

By making a donation to a monument, you contribute to the protection of our regional heritage.

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