Rent the monument

Give your events a new dimension by renting the towers and ramparts of Aigues-Mortes!


Prices and precise information will be published soon. For any question, you can call Benjamin d'Ingrando ( or send an email  


Main courtyard of the governor's house: 645 m² 
500 seated places / 800 standing places
Entrance courtyard of the governor's house: 450 m² 
200 seated places / 300 standing places
Place d'Arme: 2,500 m²



Constance Tower: 90m² 
50 seated places / 90 standing places

Ground floor, 1st floor, Terrace 

Towers (each) 
30 seated places / 50 standing places

Unique location at the foot of Constance Tower, a scenic area.

Technical constraints.
Provision of accommodation for caterers.

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